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Hard Work: Success Made Easy - a book by Michael Crews
Hard Work: Success Made Easy - a book by Michael Crews
An Award-Winning Book-

Michael Crews' book, HARD WORK: Success Made Easy was nationally recognized as a semi-finalist in the 2005 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY Awards). The book was one of only 12 titles chosen in the business/career/sales category. The Independent Publisher Book Awards honors titles published by independent authors and publishers. Established as the first awards program open exclusively to independents, more than 1,000 "IPPYs" have been awarded to publishers, drawing in entries from around the world.

HARD WORK also earned first place in the business category at the 2005 San Diego Book Awards. Launched in 1993, the San Diego Book Awards Association honors excellence in the San Diego County writing community, and promotes the advancement of literacy. The association recognizes local writers in 20 different categories, both published and non-published works.

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Synopsis -

It's time to give up hoping and praying and wishing and waiting for an immediate, rags-to-riches success story. If you want bonafide, genuine and rewarding success, you have to make an honest effort. That's exactly what San Diego native Michael Crews did, and his hard work has landed him in the elite class of multi-millionaires with one of the fastest growing real estate companies in America. Through his book, Michael wants others to learn how hard work earns success.

At age 19, Michael Crews, then a real estate salesman, enthusiastically resolved to work harder than everybody else. If other sales reps made 50 phone calls, Michael Crews made 75. When nobody wanted to give up their Saturdays to work, Michael Crews worked every single one. When everyone else was simply getting the job done, Michael Crews was getting it done the best way possible. It wasn't over night. It wasn't in a week. It wasn't even in a few years, but over time, good, old-fashioned, hard work paid off for Michael Crews, president of Michael Crews Development, a large real estate development company in southern California. Crews' book, HARD WORK: Success Made Easy, is a hot item among business professionals, college students and anyone who is looking to succeed in life. According to Crews, all a person needs are the right "Crews Controls" and the right work ethic.

In HARD WORK, Michael Crews reveals these tools. The 16 fundamental concepts that have helped him succeed ("Crews Controls") simultaneously tie in to various personal stories and examples of how each one has benefited him in life.

Testimonials -

Michael's "Crews Controls" are already propelling readers.

“I am going through a period of personal upbuilding with my new ministry venture. I feel like I am trying to build the ministry on the principles Michael writes about in his book. It helped clarify the goals I am working toward." -Jim Adkins, Pastor, President and Founder of Let's Talk USA!

"HARD WORK was not hard to read. Simply put, when you work really hard, you can produce success." -Tom Ward, CEO, Barton Protective Services, Inc (one of Fortune's "100 Best Companies To Work For")

"Michael's enthusiasm, energy and wit have made him by far the most popular guest speaker in my class. He openly shares the lessons that helped him achieve his success and throughout each semester, students often refer to "Michael" as if he was an old friend." -Jim Chagala, Adjunct Professor, San Diego State University

Whether you wish to gain financial success, economical success or personal success, HARD WORK will help attain it. It will help set goals and reach them. It will challenge you to go above the norm, set higher standards and to do what other people won't do because they refuse to work hard. It will inspire you, and help inspire those around you.

HARD WORK: Success Made Easy - Available in hard cover and audio versions at bookstores &